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Unique Ceiling Medallion by Cutting Edge Stencils

Stencils can be used in so many creative ways. Anna from, Ask Anna blog, used the Georgian Ceiling Medallion stencil in the traditional way and in a unique project accenting the clock in her bathroom. Both rooms look stunning with the addition of the medallion stencil pattern. Stenciling is super fast and fun, and makes a huge statement in any room. “Every time I walk in my dining room or bathroom I admire the beautiful stencil work. The best part, it was so easy!” says Anna,”If I had known it was that easy and inexpensive to add so much beauty to my rooms I would have done it months ago!”

Have a Georgian Ceiling Medallion stencil project in mind? How about a table top, or even stenciling around a mirror? There are lots of great options!

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Stencil ceiling medallion