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Paint Your Stencil Ideas in a Couple Different Rooms

Welcome back, my little DIY darlings! Are you excited to discuss a stencil idea that will absolutely blow your creative little minds? Start out by envisioning your home completely covered, from ceiling to floor, from bathroom to kitchen, in stencils! Ok, now take that horribly cluttered apparition and tone it down a few notches! Cutting Edge Stencils wants you to consider using our stencils in multiple rooms of your house without it being overkill! We can show you how it works to ease you into the idea! Challenge accepted? Cool! Let’s begin!

How It’s Done

Stenciling Multiple Rooms in your home with Cutting Edge Stencils

Enter our friend, Erin, from the blog How To Nest For Less! She transformed two rooms in her home with our wall stencils, and consequently “woke up” her whole home! A daughter’s bedroom and a craft room later, Erin had designed herself some pretty bold, fashionable spaces, and definitely didn’t over do it!

Verde Damask Bedroom

Before/After shots Verde Damask Stenciled Room

Erin first gave her daughter, Ella’s room a stencil makeover using Cutting Edge Stencils‘ Verde Damask Stencil! The BEFORE/AFTER photos sure do speak for themselves, but we want to give you the full rundown explaining how you can do it too!

Erin’s technique was a bit unconventional compared to some of the previous stencil projects mainly because instead of a dense foam roller, she used a sponge brush to paint on her stencil design! Erin dipped the sponge in watered down Metallic Silver Acrylic Paintand tried stenciling on a sample board before attacking her wall to make sure the results would be as she’d hoped. When Erin did attack the wall with thedamask stencil, she started 2/3 of the way up all the way on the left side, a spot that would potentially be covered by other furniture. Erin let each single stencil design dry for a few minutes before moving it over and lining it up using the registration marks to paint the next single design. The whole feature wall effect only took Erin 4 hours and under $65 to complete! The Verde Damask design retails at $49.95, the two bottles of paint came out to $6, and the sponge was $6!

Verde Damask step-by-step transformation!

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A Chevron Stencil Idea and Chances to Win a FREE Stencil

Well howdy do, DIY divas? Are you done devouring all those delicious holiday treats? We didn’t think so! (Good, neither are we!) Cutting Edge Stencils‘ is ready for you to unwrap our treat to you: a barrel full of fun stencil projects and giveaways!


Today we will be kissing 8-month pregnant Pamela’s pedicured feet for such a tremendous stencil idea and even better execution! She’s the mastermind behind the blog PBJ Stories, and she transformed her anticipated baby girl’s nursery with our CHEVRON STENCIL ON THE CEILING! We seriously cannot get enough. Pamela is astencil GOD! (But really!) Take a look at this insanity, and keep in mind just how pregnant she was while painting! Pamela says, “All in all- if an 8 month preggo woman can do it, ANYONE CAN DO IT ;)”

Chevron Ceiling Stencil Ideas with Cutting Edge Stencils

Pamela plans to reveal her most helpful tips and tricks to get this look with her readers soon, but Cutting Edge Stencils got the inside scoop first for our dedicated readers! Of course we call Pamela a stencil god for a reason, and here’s why. Not only was she far into her third trimester as she painted, but Pamela’s ceiling was textured, and she did NOT use spray adhesive (in fear of the fumes hurting the baby)! Instead, Pamela just used some painters tape, a ladder, our dense foam roller, AND the most gorgeous paint! She applied only half a quart of Modern Master’s Metallics paint in Warm Silver! To prevent bleeding, Pamela made sure to use little paint on her roller. But, for the slight spots that did bleed, Pamela stuck little pieces of tape by them to remember where a touch up was needed! (So SMART!) Pamela’s trick to not breaking your neck while stenciling a ceiling? She took a short break in between each time shestenciled the single sheet of pattern. As Pamela rested on her back, gazing up at the “under-construction” stenciled ceiling, the paint on the ceiling and the stencil began to dry, further preventing smudging and smearing! The decorating idea took quite a while to complete, but the results are so gorgeous! Also, completing a stencil projectlike this on your own is super satisfying! It looks smokin’, Pamela!

PBJ Stories is also  hosting a week long giveaway (12/27/12- 1/3/13) for a chance to win a free stencil of your choice up to $50 from Cutting Edge Stencils! Visit the giveaway post here to enter!


Kelley from the blog The Grant Life also revealed her stencil project today, in which she painted her bedroom feature wall with our Outside of the Box Stencil! Kelley is hosting a giveaway for a chance to win a stencil from us as well! Visit The Grant Lifebetween 12/27/12 and 1/3/13 to enter to win, and take a moment to “ooh and ahh” at Kelley’s awesome stenciled bedroom below!

Bedroom Feature Wall painted with Outside of the Box Stencil

Our last giveaway of the week is being hosted by our friend, Jenn, at the blog Clean and Scentsible! Make sure to stop by the Clean and Scentsible page and follow the instructions for a chance to win the stencil of your choice under $50! The giveaway will be live from 12/27/12 through 1/8/13, so don’t miss out!

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Stencil Your Own DIY Pillow Shams with Cutting Edge Stencils

Looking forward to a new year to redefine yourself and revitalize your home? Cutting Edge Stencils also can’t wait for the start of a fresh, new beginning for your home using stencils! And when it comes to fashionable home decor at a low price that you can do yourself, we are your ticket to success! Keep reading for some step-by-step tutorials on how to create some ultra chic DIY pillows with Cutting Edge Stencils designs!

Moroccan Stenciled Pillows

Moroccan Stenciled pillow shams with Cutting Edge Stencils

Our dear friends Tim and Mary, from the blog 17 Apartstenciled these adorable pillow shams for their bedroom decor! They used Cutting Edge StencilsCasablanca design, which is one of our most popular Moroccan Stencils! This gorgeous stencil pattern is sold in both an allover and craft version, but we recommend the craft size for smaller projects like these pillows (Small Craft Casablanca: $17.95). The redesign of the shams was super simple! First, grab all of your supplies! In this case those supplies included: Casablanca Craft Stencil, dense foam roller, Martha Stewart metallic multi-surface paint, paper towels, stencil brush, ordinary pillow shams, brown paper bag. First, the shams were ironed so that no creases would interfere with painting the design. Then, they stuffed the paper bag inside the shams to prevent the paint from bleeding onto the other side. The dense foam roller was then submerged in the metallic paint, and the excess was rolled off onto a paper towel before the stenciling began. Tim and Mary used team work to hold the stencil in place and apply the paint. Once one section was done, they’d reposition the stencil to match up and overlap with the previously stenciled section. Just repeat the process, wait for it to dry, and you’re done! Easy enough, no?

Acacia Allover Stenciled Shams

Acacia Allover Stenciled Pillow Shams with Cutting Edge Stencils

Erin, from the blog Lemon Tree Creations, delighted us with her adorable DIY pillow shams! She ended up using Cutting Edge Stencils’ Acacia Allover Stencil (retailed at $44.95) to design these enticing shams! Erin visited her local Lowe’s to pick up a creamy colored drop cloth, and then bleached it to create a lighter tone background for her stencil! Further prepping included cutting the fabric to fit the size of her pillows, and taping down a plastic drop cloth to her table as a way to prevent paint from seeping through! The dense foam roller was loaded with DecoArt’s SoSoft Fabric Paint in Prussian Blue, the excess paint was rolled off onto a paper towel, and Erin was ready to begin her stencil transformation! Three light coats of paint, a few repositions of the stencil, and a little sewing later, Erin’s shams sure came together! Not too shabby, Erin! :)


For more information and ideas on stenciling your pillows or shams, read our blog post, Stenciled DIY Pillows to Liven Your Home Decor. Purchase the stencil designs of your liking at our website! Also, don’t foret to “like” us on facebook to stay updated on the latest news and looks from our customers!


Stencil Ideas to Turn Wood Boards into Cool Wall Art!

Family Tree Wood Stenciled Wall Art

DIY Family Tree with Cutting Edge Stencils Tree Stencils

About a month ago we shared this project with you on our Facebook page, and it was such a hit! Our  friend Jen, from the blog Delightful Deets, is the mastermind behind this adorable wood craft project, and we were lucky enough to have her share with us some “delightful details” about how she did it! Jen started off with some wood boards, and no ideas. But, when we contacted her about using our stencils, the lightbulb above her head lit up instantly! Since she often relocates to new homes, Jen wanted to create something with our Large Fruit Tree stencil that could be easily transportable! After watching some of Cutting Edge Stencils’ How-To Videos, she got to work, creating a large, moveable family tree! We’re so impressed with her creativity and craftsmanship! Aside from stenciling on our tree design with neutral colors (to match any room), Jen painted on the phrase “Families are Forever” and shuffled through vintage photos to attach to the branches! The photos can easily be moved to make room for new family members as well! Great idea, Jen!

How to create a stenciled family tree

Spring Songbirds Wood Wall Art

Erin, from the blog Lemon Tree Creations, made this adorable rustic wall art out of old, weathered barn wood given to her by a friend! She had her hubby and little man attach the wood boards together with metal braces, and purchased three shades of acrylic paint to cover the boards with three layers of the stencil pattern! Erin used spray adhesive to get the stencil to stick to the wood and a stencil brush to paint on the design. For the first layer, she positioned the stencil off center and painted with bronze color paint. Then she repositioned the stencil and used gold paint. After readjusting the stencil to the center of the board, Erin applied the white paint. She allowed time for each layer to dry before stenciling the next. The end results speak for themselves!

Stenciling Wood Wall Art with Cutting Edge Stencils Spring Songbirds

Well, that’s it for today! If you can’t get enough of us:


Moroccan Stencils to Create DIY Curtains

Look at the windows in your home. No, I mean take a GOOD look. Is something missing? Cutting Edge Stencils is going to be a good friend and tell you that those bland curtains are not working anymore, and what’s missing is some STYLE. Yes, I’m talking to you! But it’s ok! We can help with an awesome stencil idea! Take ourMoroccan Stencils and make your own DIY curtains to spruce up those boring windows! We’re going to show you the method to the madness behind Moroccan Stenciled Curtains, so don’t get defensive, be proactive, and add that missing piece to your home decor!

Trellis Stenciled Curtains

Awesome Trellis Allover Stenciled Curtains

Gemma over at The Sweetest Digs stenciled these style-forward curtains with Cutting Edge Stencils‘ Trellis Allover pattern! She bought plain white panels  from IKEA and ironed them out to reduce any creases and folds that might mess up the design! Then she taped down the panels onto the floor over a plastic painting sheet so that no paint leaked through the back onto the floor! Gemma mixed medium gray acrylic paint with textile medium (Quick Note: adding fabric medium will not change the color of the paint) to create the perfect paint for stenciling on fabric! The Trellis design was then taped down with painters tape on the left topmost corner of the panel. With supplies at hand and all prep work finished, the dense foam roller was loaded, excess paint was rolled off onto a paper towel, and Gemma was ready to paint! The allover pattern came together quickly on the curtains as Gemma repositioned and repeated the painting process to cover both panels in our moroccan design!

Nagoya Stenciled Curtains

DIY Stenciled curtains with Cutting Edge Stencils Nagoya Stencil

Kim over at Too Much Time on My Hands stenciled her DIY curtains with Cutting Edge Stencils’ Nagoya Allover pattern! Kim decided to use the Nagoya around the border of her panels (outlining them with it) so she cut the design to her liking before stenciling. The white paint posed a problem when Kim realized she should have put a painting sheet underneath the curtain so as to not spoil her wood floor! OOPS! But the paint that seeped through was easily cleaned off and Kim kept stenciling without missing a beat! When the stenciling was finished, Kim nailed her curtains to wood slabs above her window for a rustic look!

Moroccan Dream Stenciled Curtains

Pamela over at PBJ Stories stenciled these gawwwgeous DIY curtains with our Moroccan Dream stencil design! Pamela’s stencil supply list looked a little like this: acrylic paint, fabric medium, dense foam roller, stencil brush, painters tape and a drop cloth to put underneath while stenciling! Pamela prepared to use a lot of tape! She taped down the drop cloth to the floor, then taped the curtain panel to the drop cloth, and finally taped the stencil to the curtain! She was another smart lady who mixed fabric medium with her acrylic paint to use while stenciling on the curtains! Pamela dabbed at the surfaces of the curtains that weren’t laying flat with her stencil brush, but used a roller for the rest. After each section was painted, Pamela realigned and repeated the pattern! Success!

Step-by-step DIY Moroccan Curtains

Can’t get enough of Cutting Edge Stencils?:


DIY Stencil Ideas: Stripe and Border Stencils

Candy canes, teddy bears, snow flakes, and jingle bells: what do they all have in common? Why, they help us spread holiday cheer of course! Cutting Edge Stencilswants to be included in the joy you feel while decorating your home during the holiday season, so make a little room for us! Whether you stencil inside your pantry, around your fireplace, on the rug, or in the bathroom, I can guarantee that your home won’t be ready for holiday guests until you use our painting stencils to spruce up the place! How’s about another stencil idea to inspire your creativity then!?

Today, let’s talk about a hidden gem category on our website. Say it with me now, “Border and Strip Stencils!” These gorgeous stencils are often overlooked, but are some of our most beautiful and versatile stencils that we offer! A combination of flowers and classical designs, these stencils speak volumes of your home decorating skills, and of our designing abilities (toot, tooting our own horn)!

Arabesque Stripe Wall Stencil

Arabesque Stripe Wall Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils

This stripe stencil will instantly add elegance and sophistication to your walls, totally impressing your more formal dinner guests! Doesn’t it look just brilliant in gold?! We definitely suggest making a statement by painting this stencil with metallic paint in the room of your choice! Planning to devour a family feast in the dining room for Christmas dinner? Class up the place by painting this design horizontally along the center of the wall or along the chair rail! Take a different approach: paint this pattern as vertical stripes in the bathroom or guest room to easily fill up the wall space which will be sure to radiate cultivated beauty during the holiday season and beyond! Stenciling this design as an allover stripe pattern will give you the look of wallpaper without having to deal with the mess or price!

Virginia Creeper Border/Stripe Stencil

Virginia Creeper Border/Strip Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils

The Virginia Creeper Border is such a gorgeous wall stencil that is both romantic and refreshing! These inviting, connecting vines can be painted (or should we say planted) in so many creative ways in differing rooms around your home. They almost remind us of poinsettias, but maybe we just have holiday cheer on the brain! We really can’t decide whether this painting stencil looks better as a horizontal border, vertical stripes, or an overlapping design on a feature wall! Unlike the Virginia Creeper Vine Stencil, the Virginia Creeper Border has registration marks so that you may use the stencil as an allover pattern, connecting throughout your living room, kitchen, or bedroom!

Wildflower Border Stencil

Wildflower Border Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils

Wildflowers are stunning and whimsical, especially when paired up with some free flying butterflies! We adore this wall stencil for its unique and versatile qualities, and we know you will too once you see it as the focal point of your decorative walls! Like all the other border and stripe stencils, the wildflowers can be used as vertical or horizontal stripes, a glamorous border, or to adorn an accent wall! These stencils have registration marks as well, and can be use reused as many times as you like (unlike wallpaper and decals)! Paint this border stencil to match your home decor perfectly by picking up the colors of your pillows and curtains! You can even get a little artsy and paint the vines, the blooms, and the butterflies in three different colors!

Want more info?:


Using Moroccan Stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils

Do you smell that? Cutting Edge Stencils is cooking up something real delicious for you home style hungry DIYers! Today’s good enough to eat Moroccan stencil ideasare sure to sprinkle a little culture in your home! Even if you’re not a fan of Moroccan cuisine, I can assure you that you’re mouth will water over these two Moroccanstencils! Before we begin, why don’t you grab a few tissues to wipe up the drool that is sure to ensue!

Marrakech Trellis Stencil

The Marrakech Trellis is a popular stencil among our customers! The sharp lines and unique geometric pattern this design creates on walls is absolutely scrumptious! The blog, Colour Lovers, cooked up this gorgeous wall below to create a modern look with this particular Moroccan stencil! The painting stencil looked so delectable on the walls that matching pillows in pops of colors were placed within the home decor! However, don’t be afraid to wow your home decorating taste buds by combining a fewfloral patterned home decor pieces into the mix! To create this room, our friends at Colour Lovers used Benjamin Moore’s Wolf Gray as the background color, and a white paint for the stencil pattern. We personally suggest Benjamin Moore paint in high contrast rooms because of its especially consistent coverage!

Moroccan stencil ideas for your walls!

 Oasis Allover Stencil

Divulge in a handful of yummy DIY craft projects using Cutting Edge StencilsOasis Allover to stop that tummy from growling! This Moroccan pattern has a similar look to our Turkish Tulip pattern, but is a bit more intricate and slender! It is of course fabulous on the walls, but what about on curtains.. better yet, what about on a BATHTUB? Let us hand feed you these guilty pleasures!

These Moroccan curtains were designed by Kahlila, from Design Pardeux! Her main ingredients included plain white grommet curtains from Ikea, Synergy paint by Sherwin Williams, and our Oasis Allover stencil! She used spray adhesive, painters tape around the edges, and a dense foam roller to brew these up! The bright curtains look super juicy!

Oasis Allover Stenciled Curtains

Kammy, from Kammy’s Korner, threw together this delectable tub with a little Moroccan magic! She primed the whole tub with Rustoleum Countertop paint mixed white, and then used glossy black latex paint to stencil the Oasis with! She also relied on painters tape and a dense foam roller to get the job done! For the most perfect lines, Kammy wrapped a finger in a clean rag to wipe off unwanted paint while it was still wet! There’s no way this black tub is overdone! Looks like it was cooked up just right!

Oasis allover stenciled bathtub

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Cutting Edge Stencils Shipibo Design in your Home

Shipibo, Shipibo, Shipibo! I swear it’s as fun to say as it is to stencil! Our Shipibostencils have been a seriously fun way to make your home into a modern masterpiece! Let’s check out how these rooms did a complete 180! No promises that your head won’t spin in excitement! Cutting Edge Stencils is about to change your day from mundane to MONDAY, so pay attention people!

Transform a room with CEStencils' Shipibo Stencil

High Contrast Shipibo Feature Wall

Ange, from The Blooming Hydrangea, stenciled her beyond words amazing room with our Shipibo Allover Stencil!  And can you believe the whole transformation only took Ange three hours to complete! She used the stencil to create a gorgeous feature wallin her bedroom and accented the high contrast wall with a few bright red pillows and matching red nightstands to add a pop of color! To create such a dynamic look, Ange made sure to use some very important stencil supplies! She used spray adhesive to stick the stencil to the wall and used our clip on level to make sure the design was straight. With our dense foam roller, Ange painted on the white paint, and ended up with the look of expensive wallpaper for less! We totally dig this dramatic room! Don’t you?

Before/After Shipibo Stenciled bedroom!

Shipibo Stenciled Pantry

Recently, Ashley, from Design Build Lovestenciled her pantry with our Shipibo stencil, and really wowed her readers! Ashley’s pantry started off as a coat closet before the redesign, and was in much need of some flair and little TLC! She decided to use ourShipibo stencil for this transformation because she loved how the geometric patternfelt modern but still exuded a hint of tradition. Ashley used a dense foam roller, clip-on stencil level, and painters tape to create this metamorphosis on these textured walls. We also suggest using spray adhesive to get smooth lines on a rocky wall surface! After watching a few of our How-To Stencil Videos, Ashley confidently painted the cornersof the pantry so that the design continued throughout the space without disconnecting! We just adore this little transformed pantry, and hope it inspires you too!

Shipibo Stenciled pantry transformation!

Shipibo Stenciled Rug Transformation

Katie, from Creatively Livingstenciled her old, beat up rug with Cutting Edge Stencils‘ Shipibo pattern! The rug’s border was first painted with black latex paint from Home Depot using a Purdy brush! Before Katie began stenciling the body of the rug, she misted the back of the stencil with spray adhesive, and also added a small amount of water to her paint to allow for smooth application! Katie taped down thestencil and used a dense foam roller to apply her black paint. Then she used a stiff brush to apply another coat of paint, which really helped her get in the grooves of the rug! Because of the size and texture of the rug, Katie used three quarts of paint! If you’re planning a rug transformation as jaw dropping as this one, you might want to buy your paint by the gallon (we recommend Benjamin Moore to all customers)! We LOVE this rug, Katie! Read our step-by-step how-to stencil a rug blog post for more information on how to DIY!

Shipibo stenciled rug transformation with Cutting Edge Stencils

If you were inspired by these Geometric wall pattern ideas, make sure to stop by Cutting Edge Stencils to purchase your own Shipibo stencil and more! Also check us out onFacebook where we share customer photos and link to a new blog post daily!


An Unconventional Stencil Project that Works!

Hello there my little DIY lovers! As the holidays quickly approach, I hope you are remaining somewhat stress free! If not, let Cutting Edge Stencils refocus you’re attention to all that’s peaceful in the world by indulging you in what we like to call a littlecraft yoga! Don’t worry; no exercise involved! Just grab a mimosa, cuddle up in a blanket in front of the fire place and let us pump some inspiration into your veins! You’re not going to want to miss this stencil project!

Today we will be discussing how our daring friend Abigail, at the blog 5 Days 5 Ways,stenciled her washer and dyer! If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, well forget the tea, you’re drinking mimosas! Just make sure to drink slowly and pay attention!

Polka Dot stenciled washing machine

Abigail started off with a mismatching washer and dryer set. The washer was a refurbished machine and black as night. The dryer was brand spanking new and white as snow. What Abigail truly desired was a a colored washer and dryer but the prices of those made her head spin! So artsy Abigail decided to paint the set of machines usingCutting Edge Stencils Polka Dot Allover Stencil, and she couldn’t be happier with the results! Let’s take a look at her makeover process!

First Abigail primed her black washing machine with some oil-based Kilz primer! Over that, she painted three coats of a fun and funky teal color paint called Virtue by Dutch Boy onto the washer. The teal paint wasn’t enough for this DIY diva, though. She saw polka dots as a way to pull together the washer and dryer by inverting the colors of their spots! Since the dryer is white, the polka dots of the washer were stenciled using Dover White Sherwin Williams paint. Since the washer was painted teal, the polka dots of the dryer were stenciled with the same Virtue Dutch Boy teal paint. Get it? I told you to drink slow! (BTW both colors of paint were regular latex with an eggshell finish!)

polka dot stenciled washer and dryer set

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